ISSS Global Superorganism

The ISSS Global Superorganism Project
Developing a Profile of our Collective Survival Challenge –
An Applied Systems Analysis
June 2019
The objective of the ISSS Global Superorganism Project is for the ISSS as an organization to develop a demographic, economic, ecological, and political profile for each one of the world’s 195 countries – and an aggregate assessment for the species as a whole – with respect to four major questions: (1) its capacity to meet the basic biological needs of the human population, (2) each country’s interdependencies with other countries, (3) it’s vulnerabilities in a changing global environment, and (4) its governance capacity and efficacy.  
Volunteer researchers will be sought from the ISSS community who are willing to select a country, or countries, then obtain the relevant data/information for each country and prepare a brief report.  The individual reports will then be aggregated and synthesized into a combined report for the annual ISSS meeting in 2020.  Specialized training or high-level analytical skills will not be required for this volunteer task.
To assist with this effort, a workplan will be distributed to each volunteer that provides guidance for the research.  It will include more specifics about the four major questions and the three selected key “indicators” that will be used for each one, and it will provide suggestions for locating the data/information, from Wikipedia articles about each country to the World Bank, UNDP, WHO, the World Food Programme, OECD, the CIA, and more.  (It should be emphasized that this project will involve combining and integrating relevant data from various specialized agencies.)  The final result is not intended to be definitive, but it will be highly indicative.   
Properly executed, this could serve as an important mission for the ISSS and make a valuable contribution to our collective effort to address our looming survival challenge.
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